Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 10 - Taqueria Vallarta

There's something about Taqueria Vallarta that reminds me of Mexico.  Is that an idiotic thing to say about a Mexican restaurant?  I don't just mean the food, I mean the place itself.  Sure, the murals on the walls depict the Golden Gate bridge, and the 49ers, and so on.  But there's something about the vibe, the open, high-ceilinged, fluorescent-lit, faintly grimy space that calls to mind the upper floor of the Central Market in Mérida, the first place I ever dined in Mexico.

There's a line out the door for the taco bar.  Just tell the nice man what you want, and he dishes it right up for you.  (Actually, he wasn't a nice man, he was sort of surly, but hey, he's slingin' good tacos, so who cares?)  They do serve other things at this place, but did I mention... taco bar?

So, you'll be getting the tacos.  We got the Chorizo, the Al Pastor, the Pollo Asado, and the Carne Asada.  Also two agua frescas, a cantaloupe and a hibiscus.  (We ordered that hibiscus out of a sense of obligation to try as many different things as possible.  But seriously, when you can get a cantaloupe agua fresca, don't order anything else.)

Usually when I order up some Pollo instead of some Carne, it's because I'm trying to eat less red meat, and I want to be good (insofar as eating tacos can be considered dietarily "good" at all).  Then I gnaw on some dry, stringy chicken, and gaze with envy at other people's delicious tacos.  But Taqueria Vallarta turns all that on its head.  Nalani and I both agreed that the Pollo Asado was hands-down the best, by far.  The Chorizo was a distant second, but Nalani says she'd just go back and order four chicken tacos.

Would We Go There Again

It's walking distance.  It's open late.  They have two-dollar tacos.  Why are we still talking about this?

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