Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 6 - 20 Spot

We went to 20 Spot with Kelly and Stacy last weekend after the symphony.  It's a cute little place in the Mission, made especially atmospheric by the rain.

It's cozy, just a counter and a few tables, including a larger communal table.  I'm sorry to say, I made a small blog-related error.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's that we were with friends.  Maybe it was that I didn't have my real camera with me.  Heck, maybe it was even that the food was just so darn delicious.  But whatever the reason, I forgot to take a picture of pretty much every dish we ordered until it looked something like this:

That was the Burrata and Beets.  We also had a half dozen oysters (very good), the deviled eggs, the raw hamachi, and the steamed mussels.  Everything was very good, delivered by helpful, friendly staff, in pleasant surroundings (there's really cool cut paper art on the walls).  And we had a wine that was just great.  So great, I can't remember what it was.  I think a Sangiovese.

Would We Go There Again

OK, here's the thing.  I feel like I've been too liberal in the WWGTA section so far.  Even when, realistically speaking, a return visit is unlikely, I've hedged.  But the fact is, there are a zillion restaurants in San Francisco, and almost that many good ones.  If we go to a place and there's something we don't like about it, we're probably not going to go back, no matter how good it may have been in other ways.  A "no" doesn't necessarily mean the place is bad, or that we didn't have a nice time, or that we wouldn't recommend it to someone.  It just means we wouldn't go out of our way to eat there again, for whatever reason.  Moving forward, I'm going to try to be more decisive in this section.  So let's just get it out there: no.  We wouldn't go back, and here's why: it's loud.  Real loud.  Shout to be heard by the person next to you loud.  Leave with a hoarse voice and ringing ears loud.  Maybe I'm starting to exaggerate, but make no mistake, it's loud.  Not a big deal for many people, I'm sure, but we really like to be able to converse without undue strain.

Maybe if we went back on a week night it would be quieter.  Aw, crap, I'm starting to hedge again.


  1. Enjoying your blog and your culinary adventures!

    What did you hear at the symphony?

    (Also -- horse voice? hoarse voice?)

  2. Well, you know me and homophones. :-)

    It was a Chinese New Year celebration concert. They played a bunch of things including Chinese folk music. Chinese folk music played by a western orchestra.