Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 3 - Oye Managua

Two out of the three times we've done this restaurant thing so far this year, we've ended up somewhere other than where we'd been intending to go.  This evening we headed over to Mission Street to visit our new neighborhood pizza place, Pizza Hacker.  Despite the unfortunate name, it's supposed to be very good.  We wouldn't know, however, because it turns out they're not open on Tuesdays.  Of course on Mission Street you only need to go about 15 feet to find another restaurant, and we ended up at Oye Managua.

Is that a... payphone?

This place was great!  They claim to serve the best Nicaraguan food in the Bay Area.  We have no grounds to dispute that claim, since A) We know nothing about Nicaraguan food and B) it was delicious.  It's got a comfortable atmosphere inside, and it was surprisingly busy for a Tuesday night.  We were the only white/white-chinese people in there, which is probably a good sign.  They have a tiny stage and on weekend nights they have live music.

Our server was a very friendly young man who was happy to make menu recommendations for us.  I got the Indio Viejo which the menu describes as "Shredded Beef In a Nicaraguan Style Porridge".  It was a very unusual combination of flavors (beef! cheese! mint! wait, what?) that worked amazingly well together.  Nalani got the Carne Asada a La Parilla.  Both of our meals came with piles of sides, including fried plantains and this amazing fried cheese that probably took a year off our lives.  And I had a very easy to drink beer, a Nicaraguan lager called Toña.

Would We Go There Again?

Definitely.  It's close, comfortable, delicious, and reasonably priced.

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